During his life :

  • Several times in the four-yearly “salon” in Antwerp, also exhibitions in Ghent and Liege.
  • In Antwerp several times at the galleries Campo and Lamorinière.
  • In group with the art circles Antwerp Artists in the festival hall at Borgerhout, Pictura, Ronde Tafel (Round Table).

Posthumously :

  • After his decease his colleagues organized an exhibition in the Urban Art Gallery Lamorinière (Eiermarkt, Antwerp) in 1949.
  • Retrospective exhibition in the gallery of the ZOO (Antwerp Zoological Gardens) on 10.7.1950
  • Honorary exhibition in the “Schaliënhoeve” at Berchem 15-23.11.1980
  • Schaliënhoeve te Berchem : 13-14.4.1996 : Retrospective.
  • 15.9. to 7.10.2000 at Gallery Campo & Campo : 4 Belgian animaliers (together with Patrick Villas, Erwin Peeters, Greta Van Puyenbroeck)