Public work Pictures

  • Wooden caryatids and white stone busts of Plato and Sophocles in the “antique style” for the front of the Rubens House
  • Flora : at the occasion of the Olympic games in Antwerp in 1920
  • City of Antwerp : medals David Teniers and Karel Verlat and medallion at the inauguration of the Kruisschans dock
  • Cooperation to the world exhibition of 1930 in Antwerp
  • Funerary monuments
  • War monuments : Verviers, Chaudfontaine, Lommel, Waremme, Sterckxhof (Deurne), Silsburg Borgerhout, Kruibeke, Bever.
  • Works in the Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels and the Colonial High school in Antwerp.